What I Do

I am a product and user experience leader with 21 years of experience in SaaS/Cloud-Based software design and delivery for enterprise solutions in the Clinical Analytics, Radiology, HCM, and Payroll spaces.

Relying on varied experience as a product manager, interaction designer, visual designer, business analyst, and as an engineering manager in both start-up and enterprise settings, I approach software product design from a broad perspective.

As a hands-on designer, I understand how to leverage insights into user attitudes and behaviors to insure a quality user experience.

With technical training and a background in front-end coding, I understand the technical aspects of projects. As an experienced product manager and analyst, I can prioritize release goals and uncover pragmatic solutions.

  • Major contributor to an offering awarded Magic Quadrant by Gartner, Inc. and Forbes "Best of Web"
  • Direct design and analysis contributor to scores of major software releases
  • Built two UX teams and a cross-functional team of developers, quality assurance engineers, and UX designers
  • Led a team in two successful releases of complex functionality without introducing defects into the parent system, on time, and within budget
  • In partnership with a development colleague created a lean, user-centered, development process with traceability from use case to test case.
  • Established UX processes covering research through design and prototyping. Led and contributed to two pattern libraries, the second cross-device.

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  • Patient record pulling data from multiple clinical systems for use by care coordinators remote from the individual practices.
    (Roles: PM, UXD)

  • Dashboard concept for HR iPad App aggregating commonly needed data and functions.
    (Role: UXD)

Experience in a Nutshell

product 13years
design 31years
leadership 17years
technical 22years